Corporate values

In order to comply with this mission, we seek to create added value for our customers and satisfy their needs on a permanent basis, at the same time as contributing towards improving the quality of life of the society we serve.

All of us who work at GPF will strive to be a competitive company that satisfies the wishes of its owners, executives and employees, combining our efforts to obtain the leadership of our group. In order to achieve this, we consider the following to be essential:

  • Obtaining the full benefit of the knowledge and abilities of all of our personnel.
  • General commitment with innovation and continuous improvement, in both products and processes.
  • Stable employment as a common goal.
  • The maintenance of close and stable relationships with customers and suppliers, contributing towards mutual business development

Achieving these goals will be based on a culture that emphasises the following values:

  • Encouraging participation and teamwork.
  • Open communication based on dialogue and “leading by example”.
  • Favouring the professional development of all personnel in order to cover the posts and needs demanded by the business project in the most satisfactory way.
  • Relations within and outside of the company must be based on and at the same time promote credibility and trust